5. Faith–Begin with Jesus

I know Whom I have believed. – 2 Tim. 1:12

In the last blog, I pointed out that the object of faith is as important as our faith is. Because of that very reason, our Christian faith is precious and priceless. Our faith is much more valuable than we think it is. Because it pleases the Lord Almighty, the Creator of everything. If He prizes it more than anything else, then imagine what a treasure it is, our Christian faith. And such a faith should and must begin with Jesus and Jesus alone.

You may wonder: But I have been a Christian all my life. So, isn’t my faith rooted in Jesus? Unfortunately in most believers’ case, it is not so. Let me explain that with an example.

After going to USA for my studies, I came back to India. Two believers came to our home and they started talking with my father-in-law, who is a pastor. For two hours, the two believers went on and on about how much USA needs to be saved; how degraded its society has become; how the ladies are walking in the streets completely naked; how in each street corner you can see sex and fornication; how murder, rape and burglary are common occurrences; and how, no one who goes to USA does not want to live there. I thought my ears would start bleeding soon. But I would have been able to digest the whole episode if only they had not asked me one question after two hours of harangue. “Brother, you know that whatever we have said about USA is so true, right?” To be honest, I did not know how to respond to that.

Now the problem is those two believers had never travelled far from our town. Even to our state capital, Madras, which is just two hours away from here, they had not gone much. Even within our state, if they had to go to another district for some reason, they would discuss it 1000 times, take counsel from everyone else and then pray for so long just to decide whether they should go or not. Yet they spoke about USA with such conviction. Why? Because someone else had told them. They had heard such things about USA from some other source. Things they had seen in B-grade Hollywood movies. But the truth is markedly different. And as far as I know, there is no one from India, who has been to USA and then decided not to stay there.

We are also in the same state. We have heard about Jesus so much. We have read a lot about Jesus. We know so many doctrines and other stuff. But do we know Jesus? Yes, we know ABOUT Jesus, but do we know Jesus? Do you know Him in a personal manner? If you do, then be joyful, for your faith is pleasing our Father in Heaven at this very moment. If not, don’t despair. Let us take this journey together to know Jesus so that one day we will be able to proclaim with Apostle Paul, with conviction: I know Whom I have believed. Amen.

2 Tim. 1.12


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