Faith-what is sin?

In the last blog, I had written how our faith must not only begin with Jesus Christ, but also must be focussed on Him all the time. So, what about other things? Doctrines, spiritual experiences, devil’s schemes? Is it wrong to know all those things? Of course not. The more we know, the better we are. But, how do we know whether a doctrine is false doctrine or not? How do we know whether a spiritual experience is from Heaven or demonic in nature? For to discern these things, our focus must be on Jesus Christ all the time. Let me explain it with an example.

Many years back, when I was leaving the shore of Christian life and going deeper into the sea along with Jesus, I came across so many doctrines and heard about this heresy and that heresy. For every preacher who proclaimed that he is saying the Word of God and nothing else, others would rise to condemn him. For one book that claimed to lead us towards Jesus Christ using only the Scriptures, ten books would come, claiming that the book was a deception of devil. It scared me off and for a while, I had even stopped reading contemporary authors. During that time, I had a Christian friend called Brandon and I asked him about my confusion. He gave a beautiful illustration.

Nowadays to find the fake currencies, we have many instruments. But there was a time, there were no such instruments. It would be the job of the cashiers in the bank to detect the fake currencies. How did they do it? Would they study the fake currencies? No. Because each fake would change depending on who made it.

US 1000 dollar

So, they would study the good currency. They would know everything about the good dollar note. And when a 1000 dollar note was given to them, they would not try to decide whether it is a fake currency or not, they simply determined whether it is a good currency. If it is not a good currency, then it has to be a fake. Simple.

Yes, to discern between all the doctrines and beliefs, and many other theological points of views, post- and pre- view points, the various schemes of devil and the black magic, we do not have to know them. All we need to know is Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. That is why Paul says, “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” (1 Cor. 2:2)

Yes, let us strive to Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Let us grow in our faith. And soon we will realize that all that is not of faith is sin. (Romans 14:23)

1 Cor.2.2


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