9. Faith–without deeds

Faith without deeds is dead. – James 2:20

When I went to a church in the USA for the first time, I was confused. Because I went to that building thinking it was a snacks bar and I was hungry, but then it was a church. I was confused because of the signs and how the people were behaving. And there was this huge sign there and they took pride in that.


I am sure you know what it means already. We have free Wi-Fi and coffee available. It was not just coffee, it had assortments of snacks. The worship was inside and on the veranda, it was a snacks bar. While the worship was going on, people come out casually, take some snacks, chit chat and then go in. Some even took a load of snacks inside and were eating while the worship was on.

During the worship, a slide was shown often, telling us that we have access to free Wi-Fi and we were encouraged to bring our smartphones to the worship and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi during the service. Needless to say, many had their smartphones on, during the worship as well as the sermon.

And the songs that were being sung had lyrics like: “LORD, You are so great. There is none like You. We worship You with all our hearts. We surrender ourselves. There is none better than You. Your Word is all powerful.” You get the gist, I hope.


So, if you truly believe the LORD is great and there is none like Him, if you are really surrendering yourselves to Him, and if you truly believe and confess that His Word is all powerful, what are you checking on your smartphone? Probably you are hoping that God would send His all powerful Word to you through your smartphone? If you truly believe, then show it by your deeds. Praise Him with all your strength, mind and heart. Surrender yourself completely to the LORD Who gave everything for yourself. For faith without deeds is dead. The Bible says:

You believe that there is one God, you do well; even the demons believe and tremble.
– James 2:19

Even the demons tremble. How about us?

James 2.19

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