12. Faith–God is good

Last time, we saw that faith believes that God is love. But God is not only love, but He is also good. Incredibly good.

I have heard many people say that they have no doubt that God is love, and that God is also good, but He is not good to them, that’s all. They say it because they have not seen anything good in their life.

But just like God is love, God is good is also a basic characteristic of our LORD and it does not change with our experiences. We should not and must not decide the goodness of God from what is happening in our life. Because if you look at the things happening around in the world, you will start questioning if there is a god.


But God is there; He is love and He is good. If you have any doubt, turn your eyes to Calvary. Why did Jesus suffer so much agony and pain for us, sinners? Why He had to lose even His last drop of blood? Why did the Almighty Father see the sufferings of His beloved Son and yet remained silent? Because He is good. Because Jesus is good. Look at Him, Who loved us even when hanging from the Cross. Look at Jesus Who was satisfied that He was shedding His blood for you and for me. Yes, God is good. Let us believe that.



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