Exodus 34:14

Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

The Hebrew word used for ‘jealous’ is used in the Bible, only to describe the LORD our God. It means that God does not bear any rival. What that means is that there is no rival for God anywhere in the vast universe. Even the devil knows that he is in no way a rival to the Lord Almighty. The devil knows well enough that if in death, Jesus could squash the his head, what He is able to do now, seated at the right hand of God our Father.

So, the only place there could be a rival for our God is in our hearts. When we trust others, when we trust circumstances, when we trust wealth, when we trust the counsel of this world, we are setting up a rival against our God. We are, indeed, worshipping other gods.

Let us focus only on the Lord our God, Who created everything, and gave His only Son for us. Let us focus only on Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Who gave His life to redeem us. For He is worthy of our love and our trust.


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