Zechariah 4:10

Who has despised the day of small beginnings?

What you are waiting for is a great miracle, something wonderful. Something so great and majestic, that it would blow the minds of those who see it happening to you. Yet, the opening that the LORD has provided looks like it is something so insignificant. Are you going to despise the day of small beginnings?

The wise men came looking for the King of Jews. They went to Jerusalem, seeking Him. But the City of David neither had its King, nor it rejoiced in the good news that their King is born. So, the wise men continued further and reached the small town of Bethlehem, where a small Child was there. And they worshipped the Child, the Saviour. If they had despised that they had to go to a small town of Bethlehem, with none of the Jews joining them in celebration, they would have missed worshipping the Word Incarnate.

Do not despise this day, this day of small beginnings. For it is the day that the LORD has made. Rejoice!

Zec 4.10

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