Am I a sheep???

Often Christians are confused about Psalm 23. Yes, the Lord is my Shepherd. And I firmly believe that I shall not want. But in reality, I often find myself in need of things. There are times when certain things turned out to be utter disaster. Few circumstances were so humiliating, I don’t want to even think about them. Then how come the Psalmist claims that the LORD is his Shepherd and hence, he shall not want.

The problem is not with God. It is with us. We do accept Him as our Shepherd. But the problem is we do not become sheep. We do not listen to His voice and remain as adamant as a buffalo. At times, we refuse to leave our burdens on His feet, but carry them around like donkeys. We can go on like this with all the animals we know of, except we never become sheep. But the LORD shepherds only the sheep.

So the question is: Am I a sheep that the LORD is my Shepherd and I can truly claim that I shall not want?

God willing, we will look into few aspects of sheep in coming days.

Psalm 23_1 Sheep


2 thoughts on “Am I a sheep???

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