It is well

And she answered, “It is well.” – 2 Kings 4:26

It is well

This Shunammite woman had just lost her only son. Yet when her husband asked why she had to meet the prophet Elisha, her answer was, “It is well.” And when Gehazi, the servant of Elisha asked if everyone was okay at her household, her answer was, again, “It is well.”

She was filled with anguish and her soul was filled with deep distress (2 Kings 4:27). Yet, she believed that the Lord Who gave her this son, would not let her be ashamed and, according to her confession, everything ended well.

Dear friend, I don’t know how your 11 months were. But as you are entering this 12th month, the Lord looks at you, and knowing the deep distress in your soul, He has compassion on you and He declares, “It is well.” Believe His Word and may these three little words be your confession of faith. May the Lord of all comfort, make everything well for you. Whatever failures you have suffered in these 11 months, may the Lord turn them into victories and may everyone who witness your life, say, “It is well.” In Jesus’s Name, Amen.



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