Don’t slow down

Don’t slow down unless I tell you. – 2 Kings 4:24 (God’s Word Translation)

Yesterday, we started this last month, by saying “It is well” with the Shunammite woman. And may the Lord our Father grant our well-being through His Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ.

One of the things the Shunammite woman did as soon tragedy struck her heart was, she decided to see the man of God, Elisha. And she gave a very important instruction to her servant who was riding the donkey. “Don’t slow down unless I tell you.” In other words, she was telling him not worry about her, and just keep on going, for the goal is to reach the man of God as soon as possible.

This command she gives is very instructive to us too. When tragedy strikes close to us, I sincerely hope that we follow this command. Let us leave everything behind and start running towards, not the man of God, for we have One who is greater than all the men of God put together… run to the Son of God, run to Jesus Christ. The compassionate and gracious Lord may look at us and say, “It is well.” Amen.

Keep going


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