…In drought…

The LORD will… satisfy your soul in drought… – Isaiah 58:11

Many Christians take this promise and are happy. Except that we do not realize that it is not only a promise, but also is a prophetic warning. The Lord is, of course, giving a promise that He will satisfy our souls, no matter what the condition is… but here He specifically tells that “in drought”. Often we miss this point, so when things go wrong, when there is a drought, we are taken by surprise. Then we are confused and shaken.

But God tells us that there will be severe droughts in this year. Not necessarily scarcity of water, but also the other way around. Heavy rainfalls that are destructive will devastate a part of the nation, while the other part will be facing severe drought with no water. It is not only water-based drought. There will be many cataclysmic events that will tear the world apart. However, the Lord promises His children that their souls will be satisfied, no matter what the external conditions are. So, dear child of God, cheer up and take courage. Also, in this new year, resolve to pray for your country and for all the souls in your country.

Isaiah 58_11 drought


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