The Holy Spirit helps us

We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. – Romans 8:26

In our weaknesses. There are three things to note here.

  1. I must know what my weaknesses are. Unfortunately, that is the toughest part in assessing one’s own self. How many times have I considered something to be my strong forte, only to realize that it was my Achilles’ heel all along. And those things that I considered as my weaknesses have made me endearing to others. So, I have a trouble even with the starting point. But the Spirit of God knows my weaknesses – after all, the Manufacturer will know the defects better.
  2. Second thing is, even if I know my weaknesses, I do not know what to pray for. For me, a weakness is something to get rid of; something that makes me inherently weak. But I never stop to consider that the Creator left that weakness for a purpose, for teaching me something, to make sure that pride does not take over, or for His greater glory… I have no idea. But the Spirit of the LORD knows why the defect, why that weakness was placed in the first place to begin with. Since He knows the will of God, He prays accordingly.
  3. Finally, in the moment of weaknesses, especially when we are hit from a direction we were not expecting, we lose heart. We may be able to sigh, but we won’t be praying. How many times when I had realized my weaknesses, I had given up and curled up in fetal position. The last thing I wanted to do at those times was to go to the Lord Who strengthens me… but the Spirit of the Lord prays for me, with sighs that cannot be expressed.

In this day of the Lord, let us be filled with the Spirit of the Lord Who helps us in our weaknesses. Amen.

Romans 8_26


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